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God Dammits

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*This idea might be lost on those not in uniformed service*

Pins, of the lapel variety, have backs.

To the civilized world, they are refered to as a "butterfly clutch" (link provided). In the military, they are called dammits, due to the propensity to say "dammit" when you drop one whilst pinning your rank/badges/awards on to your uniform.

These shiny brass dammits usually land several meters from where they were dropped on the floor. (It is rumored that the range of a dropped "dammit" can reach into other dimensions altogether)

I propose a production line of "Multi-Cam" Dammits. Even more unfindable then Dammits, they're God Dammits!

MikeD, Oct 05 2009

Multicam http://www.bdu.com/...ory_Code=F545414377
[MikeD, Oct 05 2009]

The Dammit http://www.guyotbro...ilitary-clutch1.JPG
[MikeD, Oct 05 2009]

tittle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tittle
[po, Oct 09 2009]


       //Why not make 'em hot pink or cadmium yellow//   

       That would be practicle, however I was leaning more towards the pun.   

       I was hoping there were a few more servicemen within the ranks of the HB. I believe the pun was lost in translation.
MikeD, Oct 06 2009

       *navy*, brighter colors sounds reasonable. or shag carpet.
dentworth, Oct 06 2009

       I'm Air Force also - We all call 'em frogs too.   

       //I was hoping there were a few more servicemen within the ranks of the HB//   

       well, that makes 3 ? That is, me, 21 and you.
CaptainClapper, Oct 06 2009

       Also used for tie tacks and pins in civilian-land.
RayfordSteele, Oct 07 2009

       provide them with a bell (and a length of pretty red ribbon)
po, Oct 09 2009

       //they will always make their way to the exact geometric centre of the area under the largest, immobile, low-set object available//   

       My dog's fetch toys are like that. The newer and more expensive they are the more rapidly they seek out the nearest drain.
ldischler, Oct 09 2009

       I love those words for things we don't even spend time thinking about...   

       am trying to remember the word for the dot above the i - tittle?
po, Oct 09 2009

       tilde ? that's a ~
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2009

       no, a tittle.
po, Oct 09 2009

       that would seem to indicate that somewhere out there are dotless "i"s and "j"s.   

       edit: and there are in Turkish.   

       The dot above the "i" is a type of tittle but doesn't seem to have it's own name.
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2009

       It's called U+02D9.
lurch, Oct 09 2009


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