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Golf Squash

Eye protection recommended
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Like a Squash Court, the floor area (playing area) of one Golf Squash court is 9.75m x 6.40m. This is 62.4 square metres. The minimum height from the floor to the ceiling or to anything that projects from the ceiling (lights, fans, air-conditioning ducts, structural items etc.) is 5.64m.

The ball is struck with a driver, sending the ball off on a journey of multiple ricochet proportions.

To account for "distance" required to reach hole, each wall has counters in multiple locations, activated with each ball impact

Counter multiplies "distance" between each successive contact point and displays total "distance" thus far, with a red light on until required "distance" has been met.

Given that the ball loses a bit of velocity and travel each time it bounces off a wall, actual distance under normal circumstances on a normal fairway (Say, 400 metres) would be compensated for - experimentation using a golf swing machine would be required to achiever proper ratio for fair play on Golf Squash Court. (For the sake of simplicity, I'll arbitrarily say half the "distance" for now)

At any time while ball is at rest or in motion, the player - who is on the court while the ball is bouncing all over the place - may take a swing at ball to get additional "distance".

Strokes (Not the medical type), as in Golf, are on the hono(u)r system.

When "distance" to *green* has been satisfactorily reached (indicated by a green light switched on via computer link to counter), the player putts into hole.

Unless, of course, a hole-in-one is made.
thumbwax, Nov 29 2002

8 Ball Squash http://www.sunfed.n...pages/pictures1.htm
Couldn't find golfball squash, tho. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Squolf http://www.b3ta.com/board/2973622
As illustrated by a contributor to B3ta. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Oh I'm sorry, I thought this said, squash golf. and I was all set to sign the pettition in order to help lower green fees, but I guess that this would be ok too.   

       Obvious issues are that a standard golf ball would smash up all but the toughest (and most expensive) walls, not to mention the hapless player(s). So you use titanium polycarbonate walls and wear a full-body hardsuit, and I'm not sure this is very much fun any more.
egnor, Nov 30 2002

       It sounds to me like standing in a small metal room and fireing a machine gun full of rubber bullets, not much fun in otherwords. But it would be cool to watch.
Gulherme, Nov 30 2002

       Would there be a way to use this in paintball?
the only problem being the pint balls splattiong against the walls
slarti, Jul 17 2004


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