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Ink Jet for Lawns

Finish that lawn with a message or color
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This addition to a growing family of "lawn train" attachments can easily finish off your lawn after precision cutting and shining it. The main bed of the unit consists of several tanks of your choice of non-toxic inks. An ink jet is fitted just off the rear, as well as in the front. The front jet can apply a thicker coating for a background "canvas". The rear jet would do the detail work. I see this as primarily a color enhancement tool for the adventureous lawn tender. Messages are best applied for the benefit of passing aircraft (like "your wife wants you to pick up some milk," or "quit looking down and fly your plane," or maybe a simple "how's the weather up there?"). Your color scheme or message is keyed in and uploaded to its computer in advance. A powerful translation program is included, so that you may communicate in different languages. Naturally, spell check is included, since it is hard to correct errors written so big. A fragrance could be applied, as well. Infused vinegar, when combined with previously dispersed canola oil, could give one's lawn the smell of a nice salad. Or a designer fragrance could be used, such as the smell of freshly cut grass.
flerper, Jun 09 2004

Grassbgreen http://grassbgreen.com/
The heck with high-tech ink jets. I'll paint any yard, any time for $19.95. (Earl Scheib Lawn Service, Inc.) [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       mount one on either side of the mover to allow perfect stripes to be cut as you will have a line to follow.
engineer1, Jun 09 2004

       Needs GPS control on the lawn tractor to be precise.
N1P, Jun 09 2004

       //N1P// I did consider GPS for robot lawnmower control. It doesn't really have the resolution. A better solution, I believe, is some (3+) beacons placed at strategic reference points around the garden. I have been playing at this, based on IR beacons, for ages but haven't made the great leap forward into a working prototype (lack of time). Ultrasound beacons might also work but I suspect may suffer from weather and reflections (I may be wrong).
RattyBunyip, Jul 27 2016

       Neighborhoods could all print together and make a high resolution picture.
Voice, Jul 27 2016

       Use RTK GPS
notexactly, Jul 28 2016


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