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Kiddy Chrysalis

"It's you or me, moth! Hand to hand to hand to hand to hand..."
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The kiddy chrysalis is a large compartment, its structure essentially that of a ferris-wheel seat, which is hung from a tree by two reinforced nylon loops that can be tightened the same way a belt can, and by the same token are kept tight just as a belt is. This also allows for later readjustment of the loops if you don't want them to begin cutting into the tree branch.

The chrysalis's frame is formed with five slightly bendable, strong plastic struts that connect at the top, and then plume apart as they move down towards the base, forming a structure similar to a birdcage. The base, which is approximately three quarters of the way down the entire height, is 5-6 feet across, with a short circular bench (suitable for children) all the way around its rim, save for a break through which to enter. The outer skin is a tough, rain-proof 'lotus leaf' material (see link) in which there are several zipper-opened flaps accessible from both in and outside that form 'windows' and a door.

The junction between the thick nylon straps and the struts is a ball-in-socket joint that can be pinned in place (the ball itself contains a pin-hole which goes through both ball-and socket, thus staying them) allowing the apparatus to sway in the wind (or to be spun by the occasional adult), or to be kept still. Included is a small set of steps that remains inside the compartment, in case they are needed to assist in exiting.

Also comes with two sets of 'antennae' and cloth 'butterfly wings', for your aspiring metamorphosing larva(e).

Pseudonym #3, Jun 12 2003

The Kiddy Chrysalis http://www.boomspee...acal/chrysalis2.jpg
Just a quick sketch. Sorry for the anime-ness of the girl. [Pseudonym #3, Oct 05 2004]

'Lotus Leaf' Material http://news.nationa..._lotusmaterial.html
To keep it nice 'n dry. [Pseudonym #3, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Slightly more descriptively accurate.. http://www.boomspee...ecaracal/chrys2.jpg
Though I'm still not an artist - don't let the pictures bias you too much. [Pseudonym #3, Oct 05 2004]


       Excellent. A bit concerned about potential for mishaps during exit, falling face first into the dirt though.
waugsqueke, Jun 12 2003

       [waugs] - Thought about that too - but I think there would be a few ways to at least lessen the danger. A foam mat could come with the package that would simply pad the ground below; the thing would only rest two or three feet above ground level, so it would not be an immense fall. Could also come with a small set of steps for exiting, which would stay on the inside of the compartment until needed by the occupants.   

       Which I think I shall add.
Pseudonym #3, Jun 12 2003

       I likes. Sort of a swing-fort-tent hammock. I think there should be translucent panels at the top to let in some light. Also I think the opaque panels comprising the sides should be detachable and washable. That way if the zipper on the main exit jammed it would not be scary - aspiring imagos could just unzip a side panel and molt molt molt.   

       This thing could also be used by those tree lovers who live in redwoods to keep them from being cut. Except they would be about 100 feet off the ground. Thicker foam mat?
bungston, Jun 12 2003

       But the picture looks nothing like the description (and I prefer the description)!   

       (paraphrasing) "A structure similar to a bird cage, 5' across at the base, which is 3/4 of the way down the structure, with several zipper-able flaps." I had my heart set on something that was a cross between a child’s merry-go-round, tent and pinwheel.   

       I like the drawing, though.
phoenix, Jun 12 2003

       Don't take the drawing too seriously; if I were a better artist it would have come out more accurately.   

       As it is, I might just do another sketch on this one..
Pseudonym #3, Jun 12 2003

       ever thought of a career as an illustrator, Pseud?
po, Jun 13 2003

       My first image of this was being an alternate way to mature children into adulthood without all the crying and noise and mess and expense and so on, so I was a little disappointed to find it's just a play house, but it's a darned fine idea nonetheless. If you allow food into the chrysalis, kindly take my croissant with you.
Canuck, Jun 13 2003

       Do you get a set of wings on exit? +
saker, Jun 13 2003

Presumably when the //occasional adult // was a child again they could have a go as well.

       <off_topic> What does an occasional chair look like when it isn't a chair? </off_topic>
gnomethang, Jun 13 2003

       What's all the concern about falling out of the thing. Just "think of any merry little thought" and add a little pixie dust.
beauxeault, Jun 13 2003

       Is the girl in the pic named Chryssie?
beauxeault, Jun 13 2003

       Nice one - Whats your real name then?
The Kat, Jun 13 2003

       I like it. I still dont quite grasp what the purpose is though.
monk, Sep 03 2003


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