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A filling slice of grains and preserved meat - ready to go whenever you are!
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This is basically a combination of a muesli bar (trail bar, granola bar, whatever you want to call it) with flavoured, preserved dried meats like jerky and savoury flavours. This is effectively "solid gruel", hence hte name "GruelBar".

The idea being to provide an "in between meals" or "breakfast/lunch/dinner in a rash" snack that's filling and relatively more nutritious than candy/chocolate bars, chips/crisps/fritos and pastries/biscuits/cookies/donuts. Specifically it's intended as a long-life "office drawer alternative" to normal muesli bars when you want something more savoury and less sweet.

There is tremendous scope for flavours that have been as-yet not fully exploted in the office snack arena. Generally any recipe that's a combinarion of grain/pastry + meat/savoury could be adapted to the GruelBar format, such-as:

* Beef and beer pie * Pizza * Paella * Minestrone * Jambalaya * Risotto * Spare-ribs & Hush-puppies * Chicken, biscuits & gravy * Black pudding

... and the list could go on and on!

(N.B. I use two different meanings of "Biscuits" above - you go work it out. Also: The "Hush-puppies" I mention are the Southern-U.S.A. corn dumpling things, not the brand of shoe)

rjfarquhar, Sep 02 2008

Generic food bars http://forums.egull...hp?showtopic=110468
i.e "calorie mate" [Voice, Sep 02 2008]


       so it's a type of recipe?
xenzag, Sep 02 2008

       /breakfast/lunch/dinner in a rash/   

Texticle, Sep 02 2008

       [rjfarquhar], you have 3 ideas and three annos in the last 5 years.   

       Pardon me, I've been drinking and reading spy novels for the last 3 days, so I find that extremely suspicious.
normzone, Sep 02 2008

       Xenzag: Not really a recipe per-se as a marketing/food concept.
rjfarquhar, Sep 02 2008

       Texticle: (Great handle!) Yes, I've been informed by other sources about the typo, but have decided to keep it for humour's sake. Plus, it could be construed of "Breakfast in a rasher", which leads to yet another flavour:   

       Eggs, bacon and pancakes.   

       C'mon, when the 3-o-clock hungries arrive, wouldn't you relish the chance to reach into your top drawer, pull-out and peel-open a delicious egg&bacon pancake GruelBar?!   

       Who wouldn't?!
rjfarquhar, Sep 02 2008

       Normzone: How do you drink a spy novel?   

       But it's true - this is actually all a front to harvest email addresses to spray "V1@ggrah" spam at.
rjfarquhar, Sep 02 2008

       When I was a child and lived in snowy winter climes we often made suet bars of animal fats (typically beef and bacon grease), oaten cereal grains, nuts, and seeds to place in feeders for non-migratory birds and squirrels and other over-wintering animals. That was nearly fifty years ago. Is there an appreciable improvement in the concept, design or materials here?
jurist, Sep 02 2008

       [jurist] We still make those! ( I live in New England )
xandram, Sep 02 2008

       So this isn't a self-serve buffet with nothing but different types (thinnesses) of gruel?
phundug, Sep 02 2008

       Would it be served by wenches?
Cedar Park, Sep 02 2008

       One can get much better food served by a bar prostitute these days. Although calling them "wenches" may be frowned upon, the quality of the food is much better and the prices are lower relative to a common man's wage. Back in the day, a month of a common man's savings may have netted him two nights, five bowls of gruel, and a good deal of poor quality beer. These days a month's savings will buy two nights, six good meals, and a good deal of moderate beer.
Voice, Sep 03 2008

       /Is there an appreciable improvement in the concept, design or materials here?/   

       I think rj intends to eat them himself or sell them to human beings who will.
bungston, Sep 03 2008


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