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mayo sheets

Makes sandwich making easy and safer
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Frozen sheets of mayonnaise individually wrapped like Swiss single cheese. Peel off plastic and stack on sandwich. No spoons or knives to clean. Even easier than squeeze bottle. Make sandwich at home, mayo stays cold and thaws out by lunch or picnic time. Less chance of mayo going bad and it keeps rest of sandwich fresh too.
wombat, Aug 01 2003

Delia knows best http://www.deliaonl...ol/a_0000000984.asp
[squeak, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Foods that don't freeze well http://www.aginfo.f...on_storage/1408.pdf
[wombat, Oct 04 2004]


       Intriguing. Does mayo freeze?
BayRatt, Aug 01 2003

       // food chemists may have to alter it //   

       I think the Andromeda Strain was born in this exact manner.
DeathNinja, Aug 01 2003

       I’ll let y’all know the results after lunch on Sunday. Unfortunately [wombat], the experiment may make this idea baked.
Shz, Aug 02 2003

       <announcer> "We switched Marge's regular cotton sheets for new Mayo Sheets. Now available in Queen and King Size. Let's see if she can tell the difference....
(SPLAT!)............... (..snore...)
Well that settles it. 2 out of 9 people can't tell the difference.
Cedar Park, Aug 02 2003

       I had hoped to report back with a detailed observation of what happens when mayo thaws, but it turns out the more likely result was true. - I can’t freeze it in a conventional freezer. No need to wait ‘till Sunday. It tastes good on the sandwich I’m eating now.
Shz, Aug 02 2003

       So the future consists of foodstuffs in sheet format rather than in pill format as we've been lead to believe?
phoenix, Aug 03 2003

       Mayo is emulsified egg YOLK and oil with a dash of vinegar and s+p.
What temperature does oil freeze at?

       Nice idea but give us some details.Please.
squeak, Aug 04 2003

       Apparently oils will solidify fairly quickly just in the fridge or freezer but sorry to tell you [wombat], Google on "Freezing mayonnaise". The emulsion breaks up when frozen and the mayo separates when thawed out.
squeak, Aug 04 2003

       are you serious?
bella420, Aug 04 2003

       [Squeak] From what I've been reading large quantities of mayo will separate for sure. Most freezing of mayo is probably a pint or more of leftover solution. Mayo blended with creams like in salad dressings do better. A blended mayo in thin sheet form may work.
wombat, Aug 04 2003

       The separation would occur upon thaw as the two different phases of the emulsion would become liquid at different temperatures, breaking the emulsion. Also significant is that mayo is an "inverted" emulsion, one where the discontinous phase (oil) makes up, by volume, a far larger percentage of the overall mass than the continuous phase. As it thawed, some 75% of the overall product would become liquid while the rest remained frozen.   

       Now, it might be possible to create a mayo taste-alike using hydrogenated oils, like Miracle Whip, that could freeze and thaw without breaking. Maybe mayo flavored ice cream?
bristolz, Aug 04 2003

       A MiracleWhipsicle
wombat, Aug 04 2003

       I think that would be wonderful then every bite would be mayo but it could be just about anything, but i enjoy this idea iwould buy the product as long as it would not be SUPER expensive
Grittles, Apr 19 2007

       eh. mayo in a squeeze bottle's easy enough.
jaksplat, Apr 19 2007

       I just have to say that I love this place.   

       (Not this idea, this idea is crap, but the discussion is terrific.)
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 19 2007


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