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sliced cooked hand
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Spam is a well known tinned meat product in the UK. It was the focus of much fun in the Monty Python series. Clearly in great need of a makeover, it now comes in a new design, and has been rebranded as Spalm. The tin is of course hand shaped, and instead of a solid block of meat, now contains a series of palm slices, individually separated from each other by thin grease proof papers.

Being mechanically processed meat, means that extra details like fingernails and lines can be printed unto the surface of the slices. Sandwiches with protruding fingers can now be made, especially suitable for Halloween consumption. As an alternative, Veggie Spalm looks exactly the same, but contains no meat products, and is made for vegetarians like me.

Also available as "up yours" gesture and "clenched fist" (for round baps)

xenzag, Sep 14 2013


       Marketing tagline: Every bite is like sticking a finger into the back of your throat.
rcarty, Sep 17 2013


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