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Marmalade Slices

Never have marmalade go mouldy again!
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It's a little known fact that butter actually encourages mould growth in marmalade. So every time you spread toast with butter, then dip the same knife in the marmalde, you're pushing the marmalade into early expiry.

Marmalade Slices would look rather like cheese slices, with peelable individual packaging. They are stored in the freezer to save them going sticky, and keep them solid (the fridge is too warm). When you want marmalade on toast, simply unwrap a slice, and place it on your warm toast. The slice melts on the warm bread within seconds, and possibly even cools down toast that is too hot to eat.

Perhaps each slice could even have a layer of butter frozen on the bottom...instant toast!

bagel, Oct 11 2002

Ready Buttered Bread http://www.halfbake..._20Buttered_20Bread
(this inspired the marmalade slices idea) [bagel, Oct 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Cream Cheese Rings http://www.halfbake...am_20Cheese_20Rings
Preformed Cream Cheese Rings for Bagels [krelnik, Oct 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Peanut Butter Slices http://www.pbslices.com/
link by request [krelnik, Oct 12 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This reminds me of my idea for sliced soup...
[ sctld ], Oct 11 2002

       You can get single portions of jams and marmalades, but this is a goodie. It won't work for croissant's though - you need a good dollop for those.
PeterSilly, Oct 11 2002

       Good point...maybe a range of sizes and shapes could be offered.
bagel, Oct 11 2002

       At my house, we have a rule about utensils and condiments. The butterknife is used for buttering, and a separate spoon is used to scoop out the jelly, jam, or marmalade. Then spread with the dirtied butterknife, but only after all the buttering has been done.
XSarenkaX, Oct 11 2002

       [baked] but with Cream Cheese. See link.
krelnik, Oct 11 2002

       I believe thats half-baked then, krelnik.
[ sctld ], Oct 11 2002

       Ah correct, but the Cream Cheese item has a link to a [baked] version for peanut butter. Baked and a half?
krelnik, Oct 11 2002

       I think it would be best to link the link in cream cheese rings to this page then, and then render it baked. Good work, you'll make corporal for this.
[ sctld ], Oct 11 2002

       I consider this idea wholly different than cream cheese rings.   

       Marmalade is one of those things where you actually could have slices and it would work (as opposed to, say, preserves or jam).
bristolz, Oct 11 2002

       I guess I'm biased being the 'inventor' of Marmalade slices, but here's my two cents...   

       I think this counts an independent idea to Cream cheese\peanut butter\whatever slices as the core innovation here is a combination of frozen product for ease of storage and opening with a hot product to melt said frozen product. To store in a fridge or cupboard, any product would need to be very heavily processed (to me, a 'slice' of peanut butter sounds unappetising...anyone heard the joke about slices of badly -mixed custard\gravy?).
bagel, Oct 12 2002

       Why not have the marmalade in a squirt bottle? then you can just squirt it onto your bread and then spread it.
Gulherme, Oct 12 2002

       I've never had a marmalade that was stiff enough to form into a disk or ring and, waiting for them to thaw is not a option for me. I would think the texture would be something akin to rubber inner tubes until they thawed. I'll keep digging it out of the can. Besides, it gets eaten so fast that it never has a chance to get moldy.
IVnick8or, Oct 12 2002

       Rods - have you not been watching Adam Hart-Davis then?
PeterSilly, Oct 12 2002

       //possibly even cools down toast that is too hot to eat//   

       Never been that much of a problem if you ask me.
sild, Dec 17 2002

       [XSarenkaX] Absolutely! So do we.   

       [bagel]Surely that's easier than all this palaver? Just use another knife, you lazy, slatternly person!
therattle, Nov 16 2006

       //At my house, we have a rule about utensils and condiments.//   

       Hey! us too. It goes like this: "Ensure that utensil is of correct size to fit in neck of jar. Remember: repeated ramming with serving spoon does not stretch jar or shrink spoon.
Once sufficient condimentary delights have been extracted, on no account should you forget to lick utensil clean for use in next condiment otherwise mustard streaks in horseradish or vice versa or similar may occur." :p

       Idea's a good one except..except, how thick are these 'ere slices? I like my marmelade piled high, almost teetering 'pon the toast. 'Spose you could stack 'em, huh?
squeak, Nov 16 2006


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