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Gym Car

A train car w/ specially designed gym equipment
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My commute is an hour by train each way. Imagine if I could work out on my ride home.

The equipment would have to be designed to be safe however considering some trains have bar cars where people can walk about etc., I don't see an issue with certain gym equipment; elipticals, some cable machines etc.

SpocksEyebrow, May 06 2005

Chat Carriage Chat_20Carriage
by johnthegeologist. Contains near alphabet spanning list of potential carriage types, specifically carriage types j, k and q. [calum, May 06 2005]


       The same logic could be applied to having a children's play area in a train. Good in theory but not fiscally productive for the train companies. Ergo, no extra carriages.
hidden truths, May 06 2005

       I want an auto I can work out in while sitting in traffic......
normzone, May 06 2005

       get off a stop earlier and jog?
goatfaceKilla, May 06 2005


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