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Keyboard for Laptops

Normal 101 keys Keyborad for Laptops
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A keyboard with flaps on left and right side which open to become a normal sized 101 keys keyboard. The logic is to design the numeric and the cursur pad as felt touch buttons which appear on the face of the flaps. Just open the flaps and start using the keyboard.

No more hassal and slow speed typing on the compressed keyboeard of laptops. No more blue and green keys......

Amarjot, Jun 27 2000

An IBM laptop with a butterfly keyboard http://www-nrg.ee.l...ges/tp_ft_full.html
[benjamin, Oct 04 2004]


       Still have to type the same way you type on a normal keyboard :( lol
Amarjot, Jun 27 2000


       Don't remember whether it was an IBM or Compaq model, but there was a line of laptops that had an identical type of keyboard as this idea. The keyboard expanded out of the laptop to form a full sized keyboard. The keyboard was a tiny bit on the flimsy side, but it worked fine.
BigThor, Aug 04 2000

       It was IBM.... butterfly something...
mrclark, Nov 14 2003

       i think i saw something similar in a robocop movie
vmaldia, Jul 23 2006

       They sell USB keyboards..
audioiv, Jul 24 2006

       That and a plug-in 21" display and you'd be set to go.
normzone, Jul 24 2006


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