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Internet Umbrella

Scalptop computer?
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This is the shape of laptops to come. It's an umbrella with monitors in the canvas and hard-diskery in the shaft. You hold it with both hands on the handle, which is fitted with keyboard keys and a trackball.

Each pane of the umbrella shows a different screen, so you can run six applications at once and see all of them just by rotating the umbrella. Whichever screen is facing forward is the active window.

It can be easily used while walking on the street. A microphone accepting voice input/recognition will also be built in.

I know, how does it fold up? Simple, really: the panes detach from each other, and all six monitors get piled up onto each other into a cube. Remove the handle and attach to hinges on the cube, and you carry the package like a hobo's bundle on a stick.

Warning: Do not expose to water.

phundug, May 06 2003

Complete with Monitors like in Minority Report http://www.echo-7.c...beetlebreakfast.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       Watch out for open manholes (personholes?) while using this device.
Cedar Park, May 06 2003

       since it is not to be exposed to water, can we fit the top with solar panels ?
mahatma, May 06 2003


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