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HB 'Mood'

Ah... bad day to post my flying car idea...
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I sometimes picture Jutta reclined on a chaise longue, surrounded by opulence (often with waugsqueke at her feet, wearing a French maid's outfit and peeling grapes).

It is possible, though, that she may not have time to impliment this idea. In which case, that's fine, but I thought I'd share the idea.

I think it would be interesting if, in any given day, the 'bakery engine noted a grand total how many fishes and croissants had been awarded universally. It could then do something as simple as gradually change the hue of the background (perhaps red for more fishes, green for more croissants, white for a fairly balanced day).

On entering the bakery, you'd have an interesting indication of 'bakery 'mood'. Of course rather that changing colour, there could be a more beautiful representation. A heavenly scene of clouds angels and gentle waterfalls, or a battle scene perhaps.

Fishrat, Feb 04 2004

Halfbakery Industrial Average http://www.halfbake...ndustrial_20Average
related idea by [galukalock]. See links within for some views that might help. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

HB Mood View http://www.halfbake...t=Halfbakery_20Mood
A view over the last week. [dbmag9, Jul 31 2005]

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       Use the hp.gif when trolls are on the prowl, hf.gif when the joint is stinkin', hc.gif when normal, hb.gif when it's particularly fresh.
thumbwax, Feb 04 2004

       + ... think it was a bad bakery day yesterday. Sorry folks for the antagonism I seemed to have brought out in others yesterday. Let's hope today is a green day.
jonthegeologist, Feb 04 2004

       Green Day what? Marathon on the radio?
thumbwax, Feb 04 2004

       Boy do you got that image wrong (and not just the spelling).   

       I once posted an idea for an HB daily index which was just a numeric representation of this.   

       Quote from my previous, now removed post:   

       "Two numbers - the number of new ideas listed the previous day, and a current +/- voting average to indicate if the HB market is positive or negative. eg. (arbitrary numbers for example only) HB: 18 -5V (yesterday there were 18 new ideas, and so far today against votes are exceeding the for votes by 5.   

       Alternatives: Running track of today's new ideas instead of a yesterday total (tho this might encourage the creation of ideas just to move the number); The number of today's new ideas minus number of ideas deleted today, for a net idea gain/loss; track the voting index and accummulate it so that at the example day's end, the -5V, is carried over to the next day where for votes lead by 12, ending the day at +7V. And so on."
waugsqueke, Feb 04 2004

       Sorry, waugs. The spelling is correct now. Are you suggesting that I got the grape bit wrong, too?
Fishrat, Feb 04 2004

       yeah, [waugs] hardly ever wears French maid's outfits, he prefers the wedding dress attire.
PeterSilly, Feb 04 2004

       Maybe he wants you to re-'impliment' that 'longue'.
FarmerJohn, Feb 04 2004

       waugsqueke, do you mind if I call you "Cabana Boy"? Well, it doesn't matter if you do or not...
thumbwax, Feb 04 2004

       Perhaps having the croissant icon in the top left change its state instead of the whole back ground. I do so love the sterile white/black face of 'bakery!
Letsbuildafort, Feb 04 2004

       Maybe Our Lady of Croissants could be animated to mouth "Go now" if you arrived at a particularly unforgiving bakery moment with an especially lame idea?
Fishrat, Feb 04 2004

       Probably something that we would abuse if implemented. "Let's see if we can make the fish's eyes glow red!"
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2004

       bells and whistles. -
ato_de, Feb 04 2004

       I don't think the relative numbers of fishes and buns are a reflection of mood of readers so much as a pretty good indication of the level of crap v. [not crap] (sorry, I'm in a negative mood) that's being posted. So this would show the mood of the submitors, more than the readers, in my opinion. Maybe I'm giving y'all to much credit, but I think you provide a mostly fair judgement of the ideas.
oxen crossing, Feb 04 2004

       I've noticed that the salmon spawn is a cyclic thing.
I'll grind their bones to make my bread.

       Would this balance be based on votes cast on that day only, or in the last 24 hours (or some other time), or on total vote balance?
Detly, Feb 04 2004

       'wax, you well know I have never minded anything you call me.
waugsqueke, Feb 04 2004

       [Detly] It would need to be 24 hours rather than 'today', because we're spread across time zones. Judging by the way the bakery can swing though, maybe an hourly snapshot would be best!
Fishrat, Feb 06 2004

       how about a temperature colour strip down the right hand side?
po, Feb 06 2004

       What would be great is if you could set a gradually changing wallpaper (or screensaver) by it. Or, even better, check it remotely.   

       "Sorry, I gotta go - they're bunning *everything*!"
Detly, Feb 06 2004

       This could be done quite easily - see linky for a view with the number of ideas with each vote from the past week.
dbmag9, Jul 31 2005


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