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Just Watch and Go
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Every time I go to the hair chopping place, I try and vaguely describe what I want them to acheive, without being vain enough to point at photos or the like (frankly, anything that prolongs the agony that is getting ones hair cut should be banned).

Enter the hairoscope. Behind each mirror is a camera which allows the aforementioned hair operative to take a snapshot of the 'after' version of my new haircut. Then.. when I come back not 5 weeks after the event to replicate the experience, I can say "a bit like last time, but shorter on top" or "like wednesday june 7th, 2002 - what a day". Better still it does image recognition so it automatically recognises from the current you which of the yous in its database are really you so no keyboard is required.

P.S. they could obviously be networked to allow me to wander from hair shop to hair shop keeping my hairstory.
P.P.S. this is especially a problem for the spectacle wearer as throughout the cutting process I tend to just agree with whatever the hair person says re: "is that short enough?" type questions.
neilp, Aug 31 2004

sort of done - but for other people http://springwise.c...on_beauty/mopshots/
close.. but not as close as Id like, [neilp, May 13 2009]


       The size of the clipper extension never changes but (+) for those of you not prematurely balding.   

       [2 fries] - it's the top bit that always goes wrong. I thought the hairoscope might benefit people with long hair more than the bald/shaven/trim section of society.
neilp, Aug 31 2004

       I have long hair, but I want to let it grow a bit longer. Still, I haven't been able to because my "hair chopping" person always cuts it too much. I always argue: "You cut it too much! That's just as long as you left it the last time" and he goes: "no, it's not".   

       With the hairoscope I would at least be able to prove the bastard that he's been doing it wrong for ages.   

       I would have fired the guy a long time ago... if he wasn't my best friend.
Pericles, Sep 01 2004

       The top! Funny. I kept saying LONGER on top. I was going in there looking like Bozo, thinking she'd gone senile. But then...the horrible realization.
ldischler, Sep 01 2004

       Funny that I read this now. I just got home from the hair salon and I really like the cut I got...the hairoscope would be great so I could tell the girl "This is how I want it again." Great idea, [neil].
Machiavelli, Sep 01 2004

       quick [machiavelli], take a photo.. it's not the same as a hairoscope but it might just be good enough.
neilp, Sep 01 2004

       I already did. ;D
Machiavelli, Sep 01 2004

Voltmeter, Sep 01 2004

       This would also help me to avoid giggling like a schoolboy at the fnar fnar value of asking for "a number 2 all over".
dobtabulous, Sep 03 2004

       I love this invention as much as someone saying number 2.
Alan_Sosprach, Sep 03 2004

       And that could be a lot.
bristolz, Sep 03 2004

       More than words.
Alan_Sosprach, Sep 03 2004


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