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No More Tears Sticking Plaster

aka No More Tears Band Aid, for lovers of proprietary eponyms.
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I am very hairy and I keep falling down and hurting myself.

This means that I often experience the worst pain in the world - a pain worse than having one's knackers smashed between two housebricks - the pain caused by the hair removal that comes along with taking off a sticking plaster.

So, to stop me and my fellow pansies screwing our faces up and crying every time we have to re-dress our wounds, somebody should market sticking plasters with the glue impregnated with a mild depilatory, like Nair, or similar.

calum, Jun 17 2004

Telfa® Sponge http://americansurgicalsp.com/telfa.htm
"Will not adhere to neuro tissue" [calum, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Mepliex http://www.woundcar.../newsvol6n1/pr8.htm
Won't stick to wounds [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Spray Bandages http://www.drugstor...d/spray_bandage.htm
Guaranteed no pain from ripping off body hair, because there's no ripping involved. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Self destructing DVD http://www.theregis...lf_destructing_dvd/
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Methinks you've never had your knackers smashed between two house bricks.
simonj, Jun 17 2004

       calum, take more water with it!
po, Jun 17 2004

       Just did a quick (and somewhat cursory) google for ouchless bandaids and it seems that the ouchlessness of such refers to the lack of ouch when drawing the pad away from the wound, not the lack of ouch when removing the sticky part from one's hairybits.   

       I agree that the depilatory would have to be extremely mild and slow acting but I don't beleive that that's something beyond the abilities of the major health care product manufacturers. Possibly the fear of skin inflamation would encourage people to re-dress the wounds more frequently. Once the hair is removed, the pansy could use a normal sticking plaster and take the opportunity to rip it from his person in front of a conveniently assembled mass of pretty, impressionable girls.
calum, Jun 17 2004

       There's another wound dressing called Mepilex that has a adhesive layer all over it's surface but this only sticks firmly enough to hold the dressing on. Comes in lots of sizes depending on how accident prone you are. Being fairly hirsuite myself, I appreciate from whence [calum] is coming.
oneoffdave, Jun 17 2004

       'Ouchless' ?
iivix, Jun 17 2004

       If you have a plaster stuck to body hair and want to remove it painlessly, use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. The alcohol disolves the adhesive (and antiseptics the area) and it peels off with no fuss.   

       PS. What is the verb for making something antiseptic? I didn't want to use sterilize in a thread that involves knackers and house bricks.
GenYus, Jun 17 2004

po, Jun 17 2004

       Make it an adhesive that becomes non adhesive after a while. If they can make DVDs self destruct (link) the same should be possible for adhesive. You are not supposed to wear the same band aid days in a row anyway and just like the DVD each new band aid will come in a sterile, air tight pouch.
kbecker, Jun 17 2004

       If you shaved your knackers you wouldnt have that problem.
andrew1, Oct 10 2005

       But you may be indicating a different one.
angel, Oct 10 2005


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