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HalfBakery Confessional

Purify your soul (if any)
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Sometimes being a HalfBaker can be stressful. We all say things we later regret - but it's too late .....

I propose a "HalfBakery Confessional" which could be either a physical or virtual confessional for Bakers tormented by pangs of conscience and guilt (NB I do not envisage that there are many of these). The said remorseful Baker "enters" the cubicle, and is then in contact with a suitably anonymous and sympathetic respondent.

It might got something like this:

"Bless me, Admin, for I have sinned. It has been six logons since my last confession."
"Baker, I will hear your confession."
"Admin, I have committed five sins. Twice I have argued with Trolls; Once I have flamed and fishboned the idea of a Newbie who didn't deserve it; I have taken the name of Waugsqueke in vain, and I accidentally implied in an annotation that one of Talen's ideas actaully wasn't that bad."
"Ah. Perform two Hail Bllismiss's, give two Croissants and positive annotations to Newbies even if they don't really deserve it, and throw away that wax doll of UnaBubba with all the pins in, I know you still have it. In the name of Jutta, the Fishbone and the Holy Croissant, I absolve you. Go in peace, my child."

8th of 7, Jan 31 2003

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       // I have taken the name of Waugsqueke in vain //   

       Ah don't worry about that, lad. That's not a sin, it's quite fashionable in fact.
waugsqueke, Jan 31 2003

       i didn't pay for this pear.
sambwiches, Jan 31 2003

       For confidentiality's sake, someone needs to invent the PadrAI ConfessorBot.
lurch, Jan 31 2003

       Since it lacks the validity of the sacrament it mimics, I wouldn't feel absolved or at peace.   

       Besides, I wouldn't feel remorse for at least have the stuff you mention.   

mayan, Jan 31 2003

       UB, I could also say that you don't exist, but that doesn't make it so.
mayan, Jan 31 2003

       I mass-produced songs because they were popular at the time. I jumped on the clockwagon. I log in at 9 am and don't leave until 3.
RayfordSteele, Jan 31 2003

       bliss, I dunno. Too much carbon monoxide inhalation?
RayfordSteele, Jan 31 2003

       I confess, I croissanted Jim and left an unintelligible response. There…now I feel better.
Shz, Feb 01 2003

       Seems to be no shortage of them. Is it always like this around here?
Shz, Feb 01 2003

       Not always - sometimes school is in session. Other times, the 'bakery doesn't get mentioned in some *look at this site* site.
thumbwax, Feb 01 2003

       -(8) of +(7) it would be a shame to fishbone or crossaint this any more
senatorjam, Feb 01 2003

       i got ordained on the Internet this morning, so i can absolve all of you of your sins. i don't want to, though.
sambwiches, Feb 01 2003

       [UnaBubba] your logic is faulty. It's like saying that since scientific theories are just manifestations of your personal scientific beliefs, all scientific theories are equally valid.
lumpy, Feb 02 2003

       Seems like the point of contention in the mayan/UB divide is in the semantics of the word 'valid.' According to what I understand UB's original use of the word to be, two things can be equally valid, even if one thing represents something that is intrinsically better or more truthful than the other, even if these representations are mutually exclusive, due to the nature of fundamental uncertainties.   

       So, no flame war, OK?
yamahito, Feb 02 2003


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