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Handbag Hook

To prevent annoying slippages
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I've been reading this column for a year, made a couple anno's (under a different variation of my nick because I keep forgetting my PW) but this is my first submission to the Halfbakery. I did check previous submissions under this and other similar categories (e.g.- Fashion: Strap) and I don't know if this product exists but I thought it would be an almost bakeable idea that I've never seen before. First of all, I'm a man, but even occasionally we carry bags by straps on our shoulders, as was the case today while I walked to work and came up with this idea. I don't know how women can put up with the constant slipping of purse/handbag/carry-all straps. In my 10 minute walk to work, my bag slipped constantly, which frustrated me to no end. Solution: a plastic hook at the end of my shouder. Unfortunately, I can't *grow* a hook, but if there were a fashion accessory to prevent this problem, I'm sure it would at least alleviate *some* of this problem. Since the hook needs somehwere to connect, what I propose is a symmetrical hooking system (so the bag can be shifted from one side to another) that connects both shoulders, possibly combining with suspenders. I'll use text to illustrate my concept (since I haven't got a drawing yet)


The "H" represents the suspender strap holding the device, the forward & backward slashes represent the hooks (That was the best illustration I could do with text)

This idea also would help backpackers, newspaper delivery people, etc..., as well as slightly increasing security against purse snatchers (I can see clips being easily added to these hooks in high-crime areas)

Cr0esus47, Jun 11 2003

Handbag clip http://www.halfbake...idea/Handbag_20clip
Inspired by this idea. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


waugsqueke, Jun 11 2003

       Nice first shot. Inspired me to post a variation (link).
phoenix, Jun 11 2003

       @[waugsqueke]: Epaulets might do the trick, but normally they're a button-down item, and with just a hook there's freedom to switch sides easily instead of stopping, unbuttoning, switching, unbuttoning, rebuttoning both sides... you can see the hassle involved there. The clip would be one of those larger ones like those used with mountain climbing gear, i.e. the strap clicks in and stays in place, you press down the clip to release. @[blissmiss]: Hope the simplified drawing and explanation make it easier to visualize.
Cr0esus47, Jun 11 2003

       your bag is too light, try weighing it down with half a dozen half-bricks. that will do the trick. a lot of women these days have taken to wearing backpacks.
po, Jun 11 2003

       "//Unfortunately, I can't *grow* a hook// Have you *really* tried your hardest? "   

       Implants, genetic self-restructuring with a bat, calcium over-supplementation... Yep, tried everything, still no hooks growing out of my shoulders. And all that since this morning... maybe I should wait for the changes to take effect... (watches ears grow larger)
Cr0esus47, Jun 11 2003

       Would it not be easier to make bag straps with a little big of velcro on the underside?
silverstormer, Jun 11 2003

       or you could buy a real big mean parrot to sit on your shoulder and train it to keep a grip on your shoulder strap.
po, Jun 11 2003

       This parrot, would it be stoical?
my face your, Jun 11 2003


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