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Happy Nappy

To ease the changing of babies nappies
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After dealing with the extreme contortions children can perform when having their nappies changed, I think a free mask or false nose, or google eye glasses given away with nappies would be great. A suprise gift for parents yet entertaining for baby. Nappy time would be far less of an ordeal.
arora, Jan 12 2002

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       Suprise, Fotune, where will it all end?
thumbwax, Jan 12 2002

       Does the google eye come with a built in search engine?
phoenix, Jan 12 2002

       Oh no! I didn't check, is it baked? sorry.
arora, Jan 12 2002

       lol, no, www.google.com IS a search engine :)   

       (and a good one at that)
tobythepig, Jan 13 2002

       Would the false nose keep a baby from rolling all the way prone? Googly-eyes might work for the youngest babies, but as they aged it would make sense to switch to a distraction that is farther from reach until the more mature, prehensile, baby sports something decorative but quite out of reach.
reensure, Jan 13 2002

       How do you keep the google-eye glasses on the baby?
waugsqueke, Jan 13 2002

       The parent is supposed to wear whatever may be given with the nappy, to keep baby focused on one point. It doesn't have to be facial features. Hats, wigs etc., but obviously they would need to be cheap to manufacture.
arora, Jan 13 2002

       [waugsqueke] Staples always worked for me.
phoenix, Jan 13 2002

       I am quite sure that we look strange and funny to babies anyway. Maybe this is why they cry during a diaper change in the first place, so why should this make a difference? Most parents I know make faces while changing a diaper anyway, whether they mean to or not.
grnidlady, Jan 14 2002

       My folks always put me on what they affectionately called The Rack.
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       So put on the google eye glasses - baby immediately scared shitless by frightening new google eye monster grabbing hold of them - hey presto, full nappy. Nice one.
goff, Jan 14 2002


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