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Diapers are full of fancy hygroscopic polymers. Nice use of "hygroscopic", no? In any case, a diaper is a technological marvel. And they are fairly costly too. Most get thrown out with only a little baby pee on them. Is there a better way?

I propose the Diaperbake. This device heats up the diaper and drives off the moisture, regenerating the polymer for another use. Salts and urea in the diaper remain there - but serve only to increase the hygroscopicity of the polymer. The diaper can be reused again and again until a poop event finally causes its demise.

The Diaperbake might best be installed outdoors.

bungston, Aug 17 2004

(?) Focstop 2000 http://www.uk.or.kr...cid=3&umode=graphic
Fire retardent same as nappy gel [goff, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       + from me, for the idea AND the use of "hygroscopicity!"
awesomest, Aug 17 2004

       wouldn't the salt cause nappy rash?   

       bring back the linen type says I (thank gawd I don't have to wash them though)
po, Aug 17 2004

       Ren ew.   

       [bungston] This process has been developed in prototype after it was discovered that the gel in diapers (nappies to us brits) was an excellent fire inhibitor, and could be used to put out fires. Don't know where this has gone to, but saw a thing on the telly about it last year sometime. See link for explanation - look slike a company is doing it from scracth, which is a shame as the recycling bit has a lot going for it (these diapers don't biodegrade in landfill sites for instance).
goff, Aug 18 2004


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