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diaper wipe

A diaper with wipes installed.
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A diaper that has a little plastic lined pocket on the front that has at least one wipe in it. That way I wouldn't need to worry about running out of wipes, I'll always have at least one close at hand.
barnzenen, Dec 01 2001

Diaper Wipe. http://www.ananova....m_561572.html?menu=
Dipe 'N' Wipe. Jamie Lee Curtis has a patent on this one. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       Well, it is sticky but I never thought of shit as velcro-like. What I really meant was that a diaper could be designed with a little pocket stitched into it. Maybe in the front of the diaper, I don't know were. The pocket would have to be either made out of plastic or lined with plastic so that the contents wouldn't be damaged by the obvious. When going to change a diaper I wouldn't need to worry about if the wipes container was empty or close to it, I would always have at least one wipe with either the old diaper or the new.
barnzenen, Dec 01 2001

       I'd have said 'superglue' rather than velcro, myself.   

       Not a bad idea. You're going to be disposing of the diaper anyway, make the wipe container part of the diaper...or are you talking about cloth diapers?
StarChaser, Dec 01 2001

       I knew it was...I'd still have said superglue...   

       Although Robin Williams is hairy enough to make 'velcro' plausible in his case...<grin>
StarChaser, Dec 01 2001

       I think this is marketable.
bristolz, Dec 01 2001

       Me too. ...   

       My friend was commenting on this recently when visiting a shopping centre with a "Parents Room", to change her young son, but there were no nappies available "in a vending machine, or wipes". I don't know (it's a few years since I had to change any nappies) if they are now available in these places, they didn't used to be.
arora, Dec 01 2001

       You are too late.....Jamie Lee Curtis already thought of this....
smackover, Dec 01 2001

       What we need is a 'Parent's Holster' or a 'Parent's Bandolier' with pockets, catches and sleeves for the various accoutrements of the job. Diapers are expensive enough as it is, and having a wipe in each one would be wasteful more often than not.
phoenix, Dec 01 2001

       Do you think so? I get through at least one wipe every time I change my son.
dare99, Dec 02 2001

       this is the thin of the wedge - before long baby will be carrying all the shopping home in its nappy
po, Dec 02 2001

       I'd put one pocket over each cheek; but, I don't know if pocket would be the appropriate word, more like a larger version of the peel-off with a wipe inside. Ooops, I thought this was about disposæbles … anyway, I like the pocket idea regardless. œ off.
reensure, Dec 02 2001

       I'm not sure 'crusty' is a word you want to use in this particular one...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2001

       "In case of emergency..."
phoenix, Dec 03 2001

       peter--only disposable underwear, i'd presume... as a former babysitter, i give this one thumbs-up. it would eliminate (sorry, pun seen in hindsight--oops again) a lot of diaper-bag fumbling, would make things a lot easier. anything that makes that particular process easier gets my vote!
Urania, Dec 03 2001

       For disposables, you might not need a pocket - maybe the whole outside layer could peel off and be a wipe? Maybe not, it would be a thick diaper: absorbent, waterproof, wipe, waterproof, all joined at the seams.
hello_c, Dec 03 2001

       Yeah, it'd be cheaper to tuck it in a little pocket at the top, even for a rip-open one...
StarChaser, Dec 03 2001

       Wow, my first idea to get 1.5 baked goods, I am excited. And you people have come up with a name for them too. Although, I am concerned about what Jamie Lee Curtis has to do with it.
barnzenen, Dec 03 2001

       You know, its a good feeling to be riding the random button and run up on one of your own ideas.
barnzenen, Jan 04 2002

       I think I saw this one on the market...
IdaKnow, Jun 14 2002

       Bliss, if some of my other ideas get baked I don't think I'll too much of a problem, or maybe I am only gonna make it worse, I don't know.
barnzenen, Jun 14 2002

       I have nearly 3 year old twins and heard that by now we have changed about 10,000 diapers. I wish there was some way to hook up an attachment to the faucet and flush out the waste into the drain. I am so tired of changing diapers.
Zimmy, Jun 19 2003

       [Smackover] is indeed right on this one. Baked. Curtis has a patent for this invention. [link]
Cedar Park, Jun 19 2003


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