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Helter-Skelter roller-coaster automatic shoeshine

Shine your shoes and have fun too .....
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The idea is for a narrow track, probably running through or around a large office building or premium hotel.

At the top of the track are individual chairs on rollers which grip the track above and below. The chairs have seat belts and are supported on a pair of narrow pillars, one at each side of the chair.

When the customer sits on the chair, they place their feet in two cradles fixed to the base. On putting on the seat belt, the shoes are gently but firmly gripped by automatic clamps.

In front of the chair are two slots lined with slowly-rotating brushes.

When the customer pushes the "start" button, the chair hurtles forwards, and the customer's shoes pass into the brush-lined slots (the chair support pillars run in these same slots.

The first fifty metres of brushes have neutral polish applied; the last two hundred metres do the polishing.

The track follows an eccentric path, twisting and corckscrewing, eventually depositing the customer back at street level, with very clean, polished shoes.

The chair is automatically winches back to the top. Several chairs can pass down the polisher at one time provided safety distances are maintained.

8th of 7, Oct 24 2008




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