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Learn a language through advertisements

Learn a language for free with advertisements
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Start simple and as you advance in the lessons the advertisements get funnier and better.

If its made well, it will go viral in the target country, for people who speak the language as well.

pashute, Feb 23 2023


       This is good, really good. Bravo! [+]
doctorremulac3, Feb 23 2023

       Papa? Nicole!
calum, Feb 23 2023

       Seriously (guy hands a pretty woman a candy bar, she takes a bite) "Mmm. Very good!" The guy says "Tres bien?" She laughs and says "Umm... oui!" You could put translation subtitles under the French words for clarity.   

       Next episode, they run into each other on the street and the next few words are taught. She asks if he has another delicious candy bar, first in English, then he teaches her to say it in French. A few more words are taught in this little episode and after a series of these, most people will know how to ask for the product in whatever new language.   

       This is really clever. I really do think this would be a successful and famous ad campaign.
doctorremulac3, Feb 23 2023


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