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intelligent adverts

Intelligent Adverts
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Every time you buy something, you should fill in a unique number, personal to you, on a piece of paper (or if it's on the net, in a text box - you get the idea). Then the product you buy can be added into a central database which tells television companies, internet advertising agencies, etc, what you've bought, so you don't get adverts all the time for things you already own.
shastings, Sep 27 2003


       Bluebottle: What time is it Eccles?   

       Eccles: Err, just a minute. I've got it written down on a piece of paper. A nice man wrote the time down for me this morning.
po, Sep 27 2003

       welcome to the halfbakery [shastings]
po, Sep 27 2003

       Eek, the ultimate loyalty card scheme, without the benefit of getting money back. No thanks, too many companies have too much information about me already.
Rcomian, Sep 28 2003

       useless piece of information: apparently programmes containing sex or violence render the adverts in-between less memorable.
po, Sep 28 2003

       - just cos I bought an Apple Mac plus 15 years ago, doesn't mean I wouldn't be responsive to knowing about 'new fangled' computer technology...
seedy em, Sep 30 2003

       adverts containing sex or violence might make them more memorable, po?
Zimmy, Sep 30 2003

       and how much to get a hacker to register you in the central database as having bought everything already?
omegatron, Nov 28 2004

       This sort of information about you already exists. There is a company that has a huge database that one can access for detailed information. On a basic level it exists w/in MRIs. If someone has the link to the company I'm talkign about...   

       Although it's not affecting the advertising a person consumes on the level you're talking about, personalized advertising is popping up. TiVo has some scary plans similar to what your talking about. Amazon already suggests products etc.
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       [spocksEyebrow] for a lack of a nicer way to say it, amazon's system is Shiite. They have a list of things I own, which I painstakingly entered in myself in the hopes that they would stop advertising things I owned, but instead, they advertise things that are similar to what I own, including what I told them I owned in the first place!   

       [Shastings] great idea, if it would work. I would definitely have more brand loyalty if my vendors would stop advertising stuff they know I have.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 02 2006


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