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A car with two giant hands on top
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Either as a factory install or aftermarket add-on, put two remote controlled robotic arms on the tops of cars. Someone (preferably a passenger) could manipulate the arms. Communicate with people or interact with your surroundings.

- wave to neighbors
- flip off idiots who cut you off
- make that little "call me" gesture with the thumb and pinky
- give "high fives" to your buddys
- hold a mattress
- play "Basketballmobile"
- finally reach the keypad on the ATM without hanging halfway out the window
- indicate the traffic up ahead to ask "what's the problem"
- raise your hands to shrug "I don't know"
- change the light bulb in the garage

Make them strong enough and use them to raise the car when you need to change a tire.

phoenix, Jan 11 2004


       When parked they are hooked up to a camera system so they can slap the meter maid when she harrasses your wipers.
kbecker, Jan 11 2004

       play rock, paper, scissors with passing cars...   

       hold up the hard rock sign while blasting Pantera..   

       the shocker....the moose....   

       this is great!! I have to have one.....well, maybe two sets...... double the players, double the fun!!
babyhawk, Jan 11 2004

       - Grab traffic-light poles at speed and make 90 degree turns.
- Wipe anywhere that the wipers don't reach.
- With more than two hands, lift car up *and* change tyre for you. Possibly while in motion.
- Adjust the angle of washer spray nozzles at speed.
- Cover your eyes if you're about to hit a tree.
- Paddle back to shore if you drive off a bridge.
- Hold the surfboard/armchair/jetski/grand piano.
- Fill the tank / close the boot / check the oil.
benjamin, Jan 11 2004

       Dude, Where's my Waldomobile?
thelambs, Jan 11 2004

       "ok, give me the delux wash with wax, buff, and hand lotion..." (+)
luecke, Jan 11 2004

       next will come the line of accessories for you hands?? like:   

       rings, wrist bands, watches, fingernail polish and extensions....etc   

       only beware of sharp fingernails.
babyhawk, Jan 11 2004

       External sun visor that moves as the sun goes lower and lower in the sky.   

       What I would REALLY REALLY want to do is build a giant cereal bowl and spoon, then paint the opening to my garage like the mouth of a monster, complete with fake pointy teeth and a remote loudspeaker in the garage facing out the door. Then periodically feed the massive beast using the garage door opener to chomp on the food with, and put on your best Molock-the-skullcrusher voice through the loudspeaker and demand a larger sacrifice. Have voulenteers splashed with fake blood lay half-way in the monster's mouth and scream ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 11 2004

       I worry about you sometimes...that and your obvious lack of things to do...;)
babyhawk, Jan 12 2004

       Great idea. Hold hands with other cars. Clear fallen branches off the road. Attach a trailer in heavy rain without getting wet. Feed dangerous animals in those drive-through animal parks. Pat them.
caspian, Nov 30 2004


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