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Look Ma, Hands

Convince the car that my hands are on the wheel
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I find few things more annoying than the refusal of the built-in navigation systems to let you operate them while driving, even if that's being done by a passenger!

This proposes the implementation of sensors on the steering wheel that would assure the system that unless I am a mutant, I can't be using the system at this time, and it is therefore being used by someone in the passenger seat.

An alternative would be a secondary, passenger only accessible control panel for the navigation system.

theircompetitor, Mar 29 2005


       I think that nav systems have raised the safety game another notch and now other systems manufacturers should follow their lead. Isn't it dangerous to adjust the stereo volume while driving? Press the quickdial on your phone? Sometimes I take one hand off the wheel to change gear - I could end up losing control of the vehicle. I think all controls should be non-functional unless the vehicle is stationary. And maybe even then.
wagster, Mar 29 2005

       Dammit, if I want to poke around in a toaster while drinking, singing and learning to juggle while I'm going along, then...   

       ...I guess I'd better start growing another couple of arms. Grow, 'damn you, grow! [+]
moomintroll, Mar 30 2005

       moomintroll, if I voted, and you voted? Where be the hands?
theircompetitor, Mar 30 2005


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