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pretend non-drowning in a car
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You park your car in a busy pedestrian area with you inside it, lock the doors and activate your carsequencer. To the outside world it appears as though the whole car is inexplicably filling up with water as you sit there calmly looking out, but it's a total illusion because all of the windows have been replaced by double glazed units, allowing the gaps to be slowly filled with water. With the water continuing to rise to the roof, extra valves spring open allowing more water to gush out unto the street, attracting an even bigger crowd. At this point you start your engine and drive away, water gushing out both sides of the car, leaving a startled and puzzled audience in your wake.
xenzag, Dec 05 2005

Novelty Wine Glasses http://www.goantiqu...5538&source=VYZ4474
Same principle. [DrCurry, Dec 06 2005]


       Ha! Can I have gold fish in mine?
DrCurry, Dec 05 2005

       Should rename "Drowning Man Pedestrian Attractor"   

       carsequencer makes no sense.
DesertFox, Dec 05 2005

       it's in a car: its a sequence: and it has consequences ergo it's a carsequence - but if I think of a btter name I will change it. May modify anyway as I have had more thoughts in this direction overnight. Desert Fox - I appreciate the "Drowning man.... " and I may change it to that, but it's too obvious for me today.
xenzag, Dec 06 2005

       This might work with cyclops pedestrians who aren't moving. Otherwise, any normal bi-optical or moving cyclops could see that the water-line on the glass was not matching any line on your body.   

       Moving up and down a little bit, they'd see the line move up & down on everything in the interior, and quickly see it for what it is.   

       So, interesting, but just won't work.[-]
sophocles, Dec 06 2005

       Isn't that the nature of Halfbaked ideas, [sophocles]?   

       I can't bring myself to bone this, it's too funny to imagine.
froglet, Dec 06 2005

       sophocles: I don't think you're right - look at those joke wineglasses - they're pretty convincing even though they use the same principle. Besides, realism is not really the point.
DrCurry, Dec 06 2005

       Ah, I don't want to be too sour, so I'll remove my fishbone. It is just the HB afterall. Once the idea is no longer seen as practical though, it's all very subjective. The wine glasses work better b/c it's a short distance with no other objects inside. Try it with a car and I still think it'd fall flat IRL.
sophocles, Dec 06 2005

       I tend to agree with sophocles - but if the car sat high enough up - ie a dreaded SUV - the visual clues derived from parallax would be reduced. Helpful suggestions from my learned friends to make this idea work better gratefully welcomed. Thanks
xenzag, Dec 07 2005


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