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Headbanger Headphones

shake, rattle and roll, and possibly die happy
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For the true Headbanger, there can only be one choice in headphones, and that choice is Headbanger Headphones. These are not only ultra loud, but they come with a serious health warning, because Headbanger Headphones recreate the same set of movements in the user's head 'normally' generated by a genuine headbanger. Here's how they work:

The first noticeable difference between Headbanger Headphones and a conventional set is in the size. These are big, and resemble two curved Marshall Speaker stacks (left ear and right ear) built into a helmet that covers most of the user's head. To provide the necessary power source, a mains electricity lead supplements the regular sound input.

Contained within each of the speaker units are a set of motorised, rotating, bucking, weighted cams, the movements of which are synchronised to that of the sound waves of whatever music is being played through the system. The result of this is that the user's head is flung about automatically in exactly the same manner of that of a dedicated headbanger. A mane of detachable hair completes the arrangement.

All of this is fully adjustable of course, with settings ranging from 'soft rock mild' (gentle head rocking) to 'born again as Hendrix live at Woodstock' (a near death experience of violent head flinging and shaking)

Headbanger Headphones accept no responsibility for resulting injuries to any user, or damage caused to their surroundings! Vigorous headbanging has been known to cause Basilar Artery Thrombosis (Rajasekharan, Chandrasekharan (2013).

xenzag, Oct 24 2015

Headbanging https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headbanging
vital and informative information on this most unique method of celebrating the energy of heavy metal music [xenzag, Oct 25 2015]


absterge, Oct 25 2015

       You may try engineering them like wood pecker's head to cushion shock and vibration.
travbm, Oct 31 2015


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