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Vinyl scratch simulator

Sweet scratches
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Back in olden days, DJs leavened their homemade music with scratching sounds using vinyl on turntables. Sometimes the scratch would retain an element of the original recorded sound, sped or slowed according to scratch technique. Scratching sounds remain popular in popular music today.

BUNGCO has simulated the scratching setup using touch screen technology (or a mouse for you GenXers). An image of the vinyl record awaits your attentions: drop the virtual needle and play the loop or sample you have chosen for your scratching base. Our virtual setup plays at 15, 33, 45 and 72. Let it loop a few times, then scratch the record back and forth with your finger and hear the sound modified accordingly. Record your creations for use in your mixes or play it live.

Whack the record, if you like, and make the needle skip. Scratch center to perimeter if you need that harsh sound of wounded vinyl. But this vinyl is invulnerable. And even if you get crazy enthusiastic you will never break this needle.

bungston, May 29 2016


       /72/. Sp:78.
csea, May 29 2016

       /78/ We thought that 20s jazz sounded strangely uptempo. Thank you csea.
bungston, May 29 2016

       //image of the vinyl//
That gives me an idea: Take (extremely) high res photo of record. Create software that can read the image of the grooves (akin to optical character recognition) to re-create the music. Distort image (PhotoShop etc) to create "scratch" where (when) required. Play again. Viola!
neutrinos_shadow, May 30 2016

       I do not have an ipod, yet this is a funner thumbwheel. I would adjust the software so it was always autotuned so it always sounds nice even without ability or talent.
beanangel, Jun 04 2016


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