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Kinesthetic Symphony

From motion to music
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Motion sensors attached to various parts of the body read your movements and a central unit changes them into sound. Wave a finger slowly and a lone violin plays. Stomp around, and the timpani booms in time with your footfalls. Strum your fingers on a desk for a drumroll. And conjugal overtures, anyone?

One setting would use simple tones of one instrument for each sensor. Another would assign synchronized single-instrument tracks from a prerecorded piece to each sensor - for those who want to conduct an actual orchestra from the comfort of their own armchair. The faster you move, the louder the corresponding track.

Caution: use with headphones may make you look like an absolute loon.

Qinopio, Nov 05 2003

(?) Branch Director http://www.halfbake...a/Branch_20Director
by [barnzenen] [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]


       The local childrens museum has a small room like this. Also projects a solarized image of the participants on the screen in front of the participants.
phoenix, Nov 06 2003

       Seems extremely similar to "Branch Director" posted just yesterday, you're just using a different source of input.
krelnik, Nov 06 2003

       Actually, it verges closer on that old HB favorite, the theremin.
DrCurry, Nov 06 2003

       Thought of this on the way home from school the other day, I hadn't seen that branch idea.
Qinopio, Nov 06 2003


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