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Jumpatune Music Maker

Musical dialog between composer and computer create music
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[edited] (or: The end of the couch potato)

The gesture idea is definitely not new (some historians even say it was invented here at HB), but the following is more about the interface than about a music gesture program: Now that MS came out with their SongSmith, and Cognitone with their music enhancers, its obvious that this is doable. So here's a real fun idea for music making. You'll need a good pair of speakers, a good soundcard and a web cam, to truly enjoy this program.
1. Of course first you bring up the software which has a great splash screen and even greater opening music.
2. Now the jumpatoon is listening and watching you. You can hum, drum your fingers, wave your hands to the wished beat, or jump to it. The jumpatoon gets the idea after a while, and gives you something to start with. Maybe a beat and some chords.
3. A sudden jerk of your head, an X with your hands, or just say "No no no", or "Stop!" and it will become silent and wait for further input. Say "Something else!" or motion to advance with your hand, and it will suggest something else with the former definitions. If it needs more input from you, it will show you that thru music, or even say (or sing) it.
4. Most movements tell JumpATune, to play louder, softer, faster or slower. As you advance it will add "Fills" and other things.
5. Some preassigned gestures or words can change and move to a different section or phase in the song.
6. "Strumming a guitar" gestures - will add guitar sounds "playing the violin" gestures will add violins.
7. Once the song has been created, or just loaded from someone else making, you can show the Jumpa that your out of composing mode and in "Dancing" mode. Your gestures now control only the tempo, fill-in, chord-base etc.
8. In multiuser mode, several friends each catch an instrument or two at the beginning (via gestures, talking or even the good old mouse and keyboard). Then your playing a band together.

pashute, May 03 2009

gesture by camera (without wii) http://www.israel21...&enZone=Technology&
Using camera only [pashute, May 26 2009]




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