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Sort Of Air Guitar

Three fret wide neck that fits in the palm of your left hand, strum remotely with an equal size unit with strings in your left hand.
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The sort of air guitar consists of two square units you hold in each hand. One is the tiny fretboard big enough only to play chords in the first position. The second is the strumming module that has the string triggers.

These would be small enough to fit in one's hands such that they'd be hard to see, but you could play actual guitar with it. They are connected to each other wirelessly and so the right hand can strum the chord fingered by the left, and then the signal can be sent to the amp.

Look like you're playing air guitar when you're actually playing guitar.

doctorremulac3, Oct 24 2020


       Next level X games. Rocking servo action, extreme gymnastcs, nice.
wjt, Oct 25 2020

       I like it but...   

       ...You've got one too many left hands in your summary, unless you are a child of thalidomide in which case I am very sorry I brought it up...   

       ...your two left hands, not a thalidomide baby,   


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