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For reaching those hard-to-scrub areas
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Part of the aging process is losing range of motion in my shoulders. It has become impossible to scrub my own back.

Now, Hydro-Scrub® has come to my rescue. It runs off the water pressure in your shower and spins a scrubbing disk. The unit attaches to the showerhead and a hose leads to a swirling pad that is attached to the shower wall with a suction disk. There is an on-off valve to turn the unit on or off. When the shower is turned on, turn the valve to “On” and run your soap over the swirling pad and move your back against the disk. The disk gently removes dead skin and leaves your skin soft, and refreshed.

Since the unit attaches via suction disk, the Hydro-Scrub® may be place at any height to accommodate users of any height.

Klaatu, May 22 2005

Simoniz Brushless Automatic Car Wash http://www.youcansave.com/simo.asp
A bit like the red disk in the picture (my inspiration) [Klaatu, May 22 2005]



       an iffy mole detection device would be a nice extra.
po, May 22 2005

       Not bad, but it's much more refreshing just to shower with a friend.
bneal27, May 22 2005

       //just to shower with a friend//   

       You got a friend in this neck of the woods?
Klaatu, May 22 2005

       Klaatu, my friend, if you can find an Asian grocer, look in the bath goods section and find the scrub rags. they are extra long, net like, nylon and you grip the top and bottom of it and scour your back like a raw potato. You'll love it!   

       btw love this idea, too. +
dentworth, May 22 2005


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