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Help for couch potatos

recliners and sofas with time limits
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This would be for people who spend too many hours in front of the tube and are serious about trying to change.

A couch or recliner could be outfitted with a timer. After a hard day at work, school, or the unemployment office, set the timer for a gradual tilt, or a quick spill out.

A recliner might have a setting for between 15 minutes and, say, 90 minutes. And if you set it for an hour, you could also set it to tilt upright in three stages, one every 20 minutes, until it was.....unsittable. Or if you don't like being harassed during the leisure period, it would just upend you at the end of the hour.

It would also be programmed, once set, to not return to recline until 24 hours had passed. This could be a regular setting for the user, just like an alarm clock. So a couch potater who needed a nudge to break his TV and relax-all-night-addiction, would find his life had shifted from TV from 6-11 every night, to TV 6-7, then DO something!

earlyspring, Apr 24 2008

Baked (rather violently) by the Japanese http://www.metacafe...ane_japanese_pranks
Those crazy Japanese (fixed link). [theleopard, Jun 05 2008]

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       The truly lazy would simply flop forward onto the floor - head turned sideways, cheek rubbed raw by cheap carpet, lips runched up into a wobbly pout, feet together, legs folded under raised arse, arms dragging limp alongside the trunk, their breathing a shade more laboured than usual - and would simply listen to the wazzock's lantern chuntering away until it was time to snack/make water.
calum, Apr 24 2008

       Maybe a bit too tame. You need punishment. How about some spikes that start to raise slowly from the bottom, or maybe an electrical shock that starts to raise slowly. Yes, yes... Spikes and electricity both!
proee, Jun 05 2008


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