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Henna Printer

Prints temporary tattoos anywhere you place it.
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Mind you this printer would not be able to easily print a chain or barb wire around your arm, but you could easily print a small localized image. The battery powered printer is palm sized and prints in an area that's 3 inches square. You download an image to it's memory place the device against the area you want the temporary tattoo and Voila an instant professional looking tattoo that wears off in a couple of weeks. If you want a chain around your arm you hit the repeat button and the picture of a link is ink jetted onto your arm. You don't want the jets at too high a pressure or it may be permanent, HA!
Willie333, Sep 29 2005

Tattoo Printer CAD_2fCAM_20Tattoo
Make it permanent... [DrCurry, Sep 29 2005]

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       that is like some sticker printer... but anyway, should be a good thing~
hangman, Sep 30 2005

       If it were in the same form factor as a hand-held barcode scanner, it could indeed paint a chain around your arm.
angel, Sep 30 2005

       It would be possible to have a tattoo on the penis, but it would probably get rubbed off during the first night...
Ling, Sep 30 2005

       Unless the Willie333 is adequately sheathed...
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 30 2005


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