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Heterosexual Male Mateship-Affirming Song Dedication

Radio show
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Yes, I know song dedication radio programs are nothing new. But the shows, in my experience, focus on dedications between couples - there is no specific radio forum catering purely to mates dedicating songs to mates.

How about a show that encourages male expression of emotion via song dedications. "The song I'd like to dedicate is Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You', and that goes out to Johnnie, thanks for letting me borrow your mower, mate."

"I'd just like to dedicate 'Jailhouse Rock' to Bob, he's doing time right now, but I'd just like to let him know that Matt and the boys are thinking of him, and can't wait to see him when he gets out."

"'Go West' goes out to my mate Jimmy, he's just a top bloke."

Lacus Trasumenus, May 17 2004

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       "You're the one that I want" goes out to Pete the Plumber. You're the best in the business mate - please agree to fit my new boiler!
dobtabulous, May 17 2004

       I would like to request Cats In The Cradle and send it out to my Pa.
I haven’t told him this since I was a kid and I just wanted to say, <sniff> I love you man.

       Radio show dedications are not in the least bit "all dedicated to soppy lovesick-puppy type dedications". I have heard dedications for all kinds of relationships, including good buddies. [marked–for–deletion] nothing new here.
DrCurry, May 17 2004

       well any idea that makes me hear monty python's 'lumberjack song' in my head isn't all bad.
xclamp, May 17 2004

       [DrC] I'm not sure I agree there is *nothing* new here. Dedication shows exist, sure, and dedications are made for all kinds of relationships... but is there a show focussed on encouraging male-to-male communication?   

       I have edited the idea to remove my generalization about the genre.
Lacus Trasumenus, May 18 2004

       How about a show focused on encouraging female-to-female communication?   

       That would be hot.
disbomber, Apr 10 2005


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