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Hiding the bad data by tobacco firms

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Seems to me that the best way for tobacco companies to prevent a great deal of financial loss in the future is by hiding the data that looks bad.

The most obvious way to me is to start arranging "accidents" for smokers. In this way the number of deaths from smoking related deaths will go down and the tobacco companies will face less likelihood of litigation.

With a such a large number of smokers, it will prove taxing to come up with enough plausible "accidental deaths", but with a....hang on..there seems to be two penguins operating a steam roller outside my win

not_morrison_rm, Feb 08 2017

doctor smoking https://www.youtube...watch?v=gCMzjJjuxQI
...not to mention Fred Flintstone [not_morrison_rm, Feb 09 2017]


       Not to worry, [not_morrison_rm] is simply pining for a Fjords (a new brand of cigarette I've just made-up for the purposes of this annotation)
zen_tom, Feb 08 2017

       What I'd like to know is where did that [+] come from, in between edits...   

       Curiously an orang-utan delivered a parcel a few minutes ago, I think it must be a clock as it seems to be ticki
not_morrison_rm, Feb 08 2017

       Killing your customers is seldom good business, yet so many...
popbottle, Feb 08 2017

       Adverts showing doctors merrily smoking away as they operated on people would also help no end..... 'scalpel, clamp, sponge, retractor, fag.....' (we call cigarettes fags, for those who live in the colonies)
xenzag, Feb 09 2017

       //Killing your customers is seldom good business, yet so many...   

       Yep, at about 1 billion smokers (apparently) you would need to have a pretty extensive war to even thin out the numbers.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 09 2017

       Those guys have so much money rolling in, there are large reserves set aside to deal with any problems. Bumping off some of your addicted customer base would be counter productive.
normzone, Feb 09 2017


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