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Getting your Friend to Stop Smoking

They'll thank you when they don't have cancer.
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A new generation of smokers. A new generation of crazy products to help you stop. What I'm thinking is a cigarette that injects a powder into your throat to get you off the adiction. Your friend would switch out the cigarettes with these modified ones and when you lit it, nothing would happen. But when you breath into the cigarette and the ember spreads, it would light a fuse which lights a tiny amount of contained esplosives (gunpowder, TNT, rocket fuel). Not enough to harm them of course but enough to launch an amount of itch power into their throats, giving them a rash that they suspect is from their "smoking habits". When tired of the continued itch, they'll quit without any problems cause theres no nicotine in the cigarettes they've been smoking. Also work as a great prank.
Ciencias_hombre, Mar 27 2006

Cigarette loads http://www.dixiesgifts.com/Cigloads.html
If you are going to do it, do it right. Plus I think that guy in the bowtie looks kind of like you, [hombre]. [bungston, Mar 27 2006]


       Rocket fuel consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen - not exactly renowned as irritants. (By the way, I like the sound of this "Itch power").
fridge duck, Mar 27 2006

       //a cigarette that injects a powder into your throat//   

       Hmmm... Let's see how much powder we can force through this here needle...
DesertFox, Mar 27 2006

       Why not put the poison on the outside of the cigarettes, so it makes their lips swell up horribly! What are friends for?
bungston, Mar 27 2006

       [fridge duck] Rocket fuel was sarcasm, but something along that lines was supposed to propel the powder into their throat.   

       [Desert Fox] Have you ever swollowed itch powder? Not too comfortable. And seeing how many cigarettes some smoke, the amount of powder would affect you.   

       [Bungston] Dont we all like to help our friends? *laughs demonicly*   

       *By the way, the link screwed up on my computer. Anyone up to type what it's about?
Ciencias_hombre, Mar 27 2006

       How about a remote control cigarette, so when your friend (i.e. target) lights it, the end falls off and sets fire to his clothing?
phundug, Mar 28 2006

       You would want to douse your friend in ether first.
bungston, Mar 28 2006


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