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Gravity Bong Well

A smoking utensil.
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This smoking utensil is a gravity bong for all purposese. The gravity bong is a way of smoking massive amounts of the sticky-icky whereby a bottomless jug is filled with smoke by inserting it into a larger bucket with a water depth about equal to the jug height, placing a bowl over the top of the jug and pulling it slowly out of the water. It is pretty great (linky). This idea could be a great extension.

Have a well of depth 10m in your backyard all beautiful (linky). Fill it halfway with water. Get a 5m tall thick glass jug and lower it down into the well. Have a device that slides a bowl over onto the jug top once its at the bottom of the well. Raise the jug by cranking the well. When it gets to the top, take the bowl off the jug top and insert a hose into the jug top. Let go of the crank and let it fall. Inhale the smoke that should now be pluming out of the hose.

daseva, Feb 14 2006

Well http://www.freenetp...e%20Well%20Yard.jpg
[daseva, Feb 14 2006]

Gravity Bong http://www.blurofin...ages/gravity2bp.jpg
[daseva, Feb 14 2006]

CHICKEN BONG Chicken_20Bong
Classic [zippyanna]. [AfroAssault, Feb 14 2006]

Zero Gravity Bong 0g_20Bong
when the well opens into a wormhole [Cube, Feb 15 2006]

Gravity Bong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_bong
design science and engineering [Cube, Feb 15 2006]


       That would be a waste of effort for tobacco. Why not smoke weed out of it?   

       On a side-note, I once made a gravity bong with a 2-liter bottle and my fish tank. With the fish still in it, it freaked them the hell out.   

       We aren't in a head shop, you don't have to pretend it's for tobacco.
AfroAssault, Feb 14 2006

       Wacky tobaccy.   

       //Gravity Bong Well// ..actually, gravity don't bong very well at all, its more of a ~plop~thud~ sound.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 15 2006

       This idea is well worth a sip - the ambiance of the smoking site alone would make a very special setting for the right situation. Just a few questions from a seasoned BSquad water pipe design evaluater and smoking system product tester:   

       1) your Gravity Bong link shows a stem extending down from the bowl that is a design flaw. Wikpedia (linky) well explains the science of this type of device. As you describe it, the smoke is not filtered by the water, it just creates the pressure to move it in and out of the glass chamber.   

       2) where is the bowl when you light it? ideally, the chamber should be filled to the top at both ends of the smoking cycle. This might work better if the water level in the well was closer to the top or the bowl was fixed at the surface with a tube extending just to the surface level and the chamber slid up and down on the shaft.   

       It is BSquad policy to reward any reasonable and imaginative hemp smoking ideas with a pastry should its halfbaker gets the munchies. Party on [GumBob]!
Cube, Feb 15 2006

       [Cube] is right: the tube from the bowl should be long enough to extend to the bottom of the bong (in this case 5 m). Also, any volume of bong greater than two lung-fulls is basically a waste of smoke; there should be corresponding number of outlets per volume of bong, for a simultaneous multi-hoot experience. + regardless.
xrayTed, Feb 15 2006

       I seriously expected this to be a bong based around a gravity well in space-time, perhaps built around a singularity, which would accelerate air to around the speed of light for an ultra-clean burn before a swift delivery to the lungs. The effect of getting stoned would also be amplified by the fact that the rest of the world would appear to be going very fast but to others you would appear devoid of life or motion. The water well thing is cute and more practical though.
wagster, Feb 15 2006

       I am now visualiziing [GumBob], [bigsleep], [xrayTed], [wagster], and me [Cube] sitting around //The Well// (linky) debating the pros and cons of this idea and other pot puffing postulations posted here in the halfbakery. The image gives old meaning to the word 'baked.'
Cube, Feb 15 2006

       Here [cube], have a go on this croissant.
wagster, Feb 15 2006

       Seems like a waste of weed (although one could argue all gravity bongs are regardless of their size), that is if you can ever light it...does this idea include 5m long matches or is that under a seperate entry.
redsimple, Feb 16 2006

       The lighting assembly could be included with the bowl placement assembly attached to the well lines.
daseva, Feb 16 2006


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