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Hinged Windshield

Tilts up for cleaning
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Cleaning the inside of a raked windshield is not easy. You try to spray window cleaner at a surface severely angled toward you. At best, it sprays all over the dash and runs down the vents. Then you must contort the arm and hand in strange positions to wipe off the glass and clear the steering wheel. And when you are done, the glass is at such an angle that it is hard to spot streaks from the inside of the car.

Why isn't there a windshield that has a hinge at the top that allows it to swing upward? This is just like an all glass hatchback but in the front. Cleaning would be much easier.

I know there have been cars where the windshield and frame were the entry into the car, but this is for regular cars. I think that sealing problems and wind noise can be eliminated through good design and the wipers would be able to clear the windshield as it swung up.

wombat, Oct 19 2003


       I think that as the car sped up, the pressure of wind on the windscreen would fasten it securely, braking suddenly might cause problems (obviously there would be a latch to hold it in place). This might help reduce the 'flying through the windshield' problem the mother warned us about too...On the other hand, although I'm not too sure of my aerodynamics, but the shape of the car may make a layer of low pressure above the car like an aeroplane wing) which would try to raise the windshield unless it was well secured.
inc_b, Oct 20 2003

       Late jeeps had 'em too ('79 I'm sure of).
swamilad, Oct 20 2003

       Yep. I've definately seen these in more "functional" cars. There's an old Landrover model that has this.   

       Extremely baked. Most early cars from the 20's had windshields that hinged at the top. They did it for ventilation, not cleaning.
WikdWaze, Oct 20 2003


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