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Hobbyist PDA kit

A PDA with no operating system
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I would like to see a PDA aimed at hobbiest, which came with no operating system (although later models could include popular community developed OSes). This would be a great asset to people who love to tinker on the go. I know I'd love to show off the "IronHand Z-100 running FroggyOS" :-)
ironfroggy, Jan 09 2003


       Hmmmm, well, most handhelds have fairly standard RISC processors built round and ARM core or similar, like the SA1110; and compilers are available. All you need is the bootloader and an emulator to load the FLASH. It's costly, but it's pretty much baked, as you can get an SDK which wil provide most of the GUI shell. I think there's even a tiny Linux out there somewhere - or will be soon. There is certainly a version that will port onto embedded platforms. Google for QNX.
8th of 7, Jan 09 2003

       No need to speculate.   

       You can install Linux on the Compaq iPAQ. The Sharp Zaurus comes in the box with Linux installed. Shipping a PDA with no OS at all is pointless; you need enough volume to keep prices competitive and avoid losing money.
egnor, Jan 09 2003


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