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Massively Integrated Security Device

Integrates not just phone and PDA but also keys.
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Convergence ... conshmergence!

When I leave the house there is an endless back-and-forth trip between the car and some place in the house looking for yet one more thing that is some integral part of the journey. Keys, garage door opener, cell phone, wallet, etc.

There has been some element of convergence of some of these technologies, e.g., PDA with cellphone. However, my car opens with a remote button. Why not put its code in the cellphone. If it can open with a remote button, why not start it with another.

Garage door opens with another remote, put it on the cellphone too.

Wallet carries electronic purchasing means in the form of ATM cards and credit cards. Some cellphones have SIM cards. Slide the SIM card out and use it as a credit/ATM card.

Driver's license, insurance card, etc. could be displayed on the cellphone display. If you get pulled over, you merely hand the cellphone to the cop who can somehow verify that these aren't fake bitmaps (e.g., by an automatic call to HQ).

etc. etc. But mostly I want my cellphone to open the car door and start the car, or vice versa (keys can be used to make phone calls).

Goesta Berling, Feb 27 2005


       Two words: DUCT TAPE!
Knife Knut, Feb 28 2005

       "No, I'm not making a call on my keyphone, I'm cleaning my ear."
reensure, Feb 28 2005

       Swiss Army Phone Three would be a better name.
DesertFox, Feb 28 2005

       Clamshell stapler
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 28 2005

       Lose one, lose all.
angel, Feb 28 2005

       //mostly I want my cellphone to open the car door and start the car, or vice versa //   

       I like this part of the idea. It would reduce the overall bulk of the cell phone/car opener combo. When you buy a new car, the car dealer could program your cell phone to open your car. (But what about when you sell the car? Does the cell phone go with it?) The cell phone based car opener would be powered, so it could have more features than the current unpowered car openers.   

       Extra safety feature: the car won't start while the phone is in use, and the phone won't work while the car is in motion.
robinism, Feb 28 2005

       Don't stop there. It should then DRIVE the car -- yeah! and run my errands, re-heat my coffee, check the traffic, mix a cocktail, rub my neck, go to my meetings, walk the dog, read halfbakery, watch TV..... then come out to the golf course and update me on my day. :)   

       ...seriously, though, some phones have bluetooth, so a bluetooth garage door opener would be half way baked... Cool!
not_only_but_also, Mar 01 2005


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