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Jellyfish Nightlight

To be used in conjunction with ghillie's fish tubes idea (see link)
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Get some bioluminescent jellyfish and maybe some other stuff that glows in the ocean (photoplankton? it's a word now!) and put them in the fish tube environment. Not only do jellyfish look cool in general, but at night it will provide an eerie glow perfect for scenes from horror movies... I mean, walking to the bathroom. you'll need kind of a lot of jellyfish and photoplankton, but I'm sure it's worth it. I'd do it. If I had money.
schematics, Jan 31 2005

fish tubes Fish_20Tubes
an idea that I had, only to discover that someone else had it first. [schematics, Jan 31 2005]

Squirrel Tubes Or you could use dachshunds with flashlights attached to their collars. [Worldgineer, Jan 31 2005]

Jelly Lamp Jelly_20lamp
[skinflaps, Feb 01 2005]


       I'd like to be a jellyfish,
Cause jellyfish don't pay rent,
They don't walk, they don't talk
with some euro-trash accent.

       They're just simple protoplasm,
Clear as cellophane,
They ride the winds of fortune,
Life without a brain.
bristolz, Jan 31 2005

       thank you for that. I've,.. I've just never had a poem annotation before *sniff*
schematics, Jan 31 2005

       Your regards should properly go to Jimmy Buffett. I'll send them on to Key West.
bristolz, Jan 31 2005

       Good idea, but very messy... youd kinda have to clean the tube out after every feeding of the jellyfish... also good luck finding enough luminescant jellyfish to do the job.   

       bristolz, your right that they dont have brains, but they dont really need them... the cells that make them up are intelligent enough to know what to do even though they are semi autonomous
Seolyk, Sep 20 2005

       Its rather late....apologies to schematics, but I wanted to annotate. Havent read the idea, but am thinking of Sponge Bob Square Pants and his jellyfishing hobby. Apparently, jellyfish jelly makes good sauce for Krabby Paties!!
chocolateraindrops, Sep 20 2005


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