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Sommelier of Custard
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A restaurant employee who orders and maintains the custard sold in the restaurant and usually has extensive knowledge about custard and food pairings.

Said employee can also make use of the long-forgotten Waiter's Flamethrower, when fresh and highly entertaining Creme Brulée is a must.

Surely, the Custard Industry will be revitalized, and wise college students should change their Major to get in on the ground floor of this emerging growth field.

thumbwax, Feb 11 2008

Waiter's Flamethrower Waiter_27s_20Flamethrower
Found upon search for prior art [thumbwax, Feb 11 2008]

same job, different name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saucier
I like custardian better. Saucier sounds like a french UFO pilot. [jaksplat, Feb 11 2008]


       [-], because I'd hoped it would have something to do with Ed Roth's 1:1 automotive sculpture technique ...
Ned_Ludd, Feb 11 2008

       knowing the right method to skin a custard takes a genuine authority.
po, Feb 11 2008

       Hi, [thumb]; how're ya doin?
angel, Feb 11 2008

       Thanks for the custard - can I have some metchup, too?
phundug, Feb 11 2008


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