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House Rooftop Carrier

A roof Top Storage Carrier for your Home
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To increase storage capacity of your home cheaply and easily the Rooftop Carrier is a Large Waterproof Nylon Bag that straps to the roof of your house. Comes in many sizes, shapes and colors to accomodate every home.

Get yours today.

jhomrighaus, Jul 24 2006


       Yeah, but honestly, I don't think my house is going to fit...
DrCurry, Jul 24 2006

       sorry doctor this is "House Rooftop Carrier" not "Rooftop House Carrier"
jhomrighaus, Jul 24 2006

       Nope, don't think my rooftop's gonna fit, either!
DrCurry, Jul 24 2006

       Along those same lines, how about a deck from the windows, along the same principles as the old AW drive-ins where they hang the tray on your car window?
AH, Jul 24 2006

       [Phlish] thats easy, with the new House Rooftop Carrier-Top Runway Kit.
jhomrighaus, Jul 25 2006

       My house is only a few inches shorter than the municipal limit, do you have a low rise version of this?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 27 2006

       Sure, May be OK to as it is not a permanant part of the structure so the rule may not apply. Also could come in custom sizes and shapes(wedges, mansard Cut, Flat, Gothic, Dutch Colonial)
jhomrighaus, Jul 27 2006


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