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home towers

storage towers
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I think it would be cool to have storage towers in homes. The towers would allow you to build with a very small footprint, and a sort of revolving dumbwaiter would allow you to access different items.

Everything to be stored would have to fit into a bin of specific size; you would be able to pull these bins from stations on either side of the shaft. Everything you put in would be indexed, and could be called up using any number of interfaces.

No more linen closet, no more Christmas decorations box under the stairs, no more winter clothes taking up half of the closet.

nomocrow, Sep 04 2008

Home Silo Home_20Silo
Spin off of this idea [theGem, Oct 22 2008]


       Maybe other people see "storage tower" as a completed idea, but I don't. How does this work? Is this a tower of bins with a dumb waiter infront which has some kind of grabbing mechanism? Is is only a one dimensional shelf or is is a cylindrical column with the dumb waiter in the middle? Who has these areas in a house?   

       I have a ranch and I was thinking of putting a train in the attic that had flat cars covering the whole track. Then when I needed something, I'd go to the top of the ladder and run the train till the correct box came by. Wanted to put a coat rack powered track in the basement too.
MisterQED, Sep 04 2008

       In our area, about an hour from the metro, we have codes that specifically deny anything over a certain height- say 30 feet from road level.   

       Normally not a problem, but if the driveway is a fairly steep...
Bcrosby, Sep 05 2008

       If I ever get to build my dream home I think I would incorporate something like this.
Also a triangular fireplace so that three separate rooms can have their own hearth without being able to see through to the other rooms.

       [MrQ] I'm thinking that the shelves would revolve something like an escalator, only vertical. This kind of thing exists in factory applications.   

       The shelves would go up one side, over the top, and down the other while staying level. This could also be achieved through a clamp or hook system and special bins to eliminate the need for shelves.   

       [apnea] I'm not thinking of Fuller's idea, which involved digging a very large airtight well; this should all be done above ground.   

       [Bc] at 30 feet, a 6x6 closet space would give you about 1000 cubic feet of storage. If you lose 20% to the mechanism, you have 800 cubic feet. This is the same amount of storage as a closet that is 10X10X8, packed floor to ceiling.   

       [MrQ] I love the attic train idea.
nomocrow, Sep 05 2008

       What are you going to do with the empty closets?
daseva, Oct 22 2008

       "Babysitting" ?
8th of 7, Oct 22 2008

       Oh, yes of course! Well, then. Very good idea. +
daseva, Oct 22 2008

       I liked this idea so much I stole it. Well it more a spin off then a steal. It's called Home Silo.   

       Thanks for the inspiration.
theGem, Oct 22 2008


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