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Home Silo

Easy access storage for the home
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This invention is inspired by Home Towers by nomocrow. I thought it was such a good idea I just had to steal it. Well maybe it was more like a spin off. But [no] if this invention makes the big bucks I’ll split it with you. The main difference is in the implementation and the philosophy.

The Home Silo is similar to a farm silo. The walls are made of clear plastic with a conveyer belt that moves items to be stored from ground level to the top. There is a ladder on the side and access doors are placed at various highs to allow for random access.

Here is the unique part. Your items to be stored are placed in a clear plastic bin that is slightly smaller than the inside dimensions of the silo and has a rubber lip around it. When the bin is full it is placed on the conveyer, sent up, the top opens and the bin is dropped in, but because of the rubber lip and the exact fit it gently slides down on top of the previous stored bin with no damage to the contents.

Since the items are stored in chronological order if you remember when you put it in or last accessed it, it’s probably toward the top and if you don’t it’s probable near the bottom. The clear plastic sides and the side doors allow you to retrieve items from any level.

One additional feature is when the last bin is put in on top a sensor triggers the lowest bin to be removed and automatically put out with the trash. The rational being that if you haven’t used the stuff in it by then you probably don’t need it and if you looked at it you would probably want to keep it.

theGem, Oct 22 2008

Home Tower by nomocrow home_20towers
Inspiration for the idea [theGem, Oct 22 2008]


       So, not somewhere to store your Home Minuteman?
coprocephalous, Oct 23 2008

       No, I put mine in the upstairs bathroom.
theGem, Oct 23 2008


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