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House Disaster Protection Shield

Quickly Erectable Barrier Protects Whole House from Natural Disasters
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California wildfires are burning, devouring entire neighborhoods and leaving homes burned to the ground. Hurricanes can turn any loose material into destructive projectiles that damage homes too.

The House Protection Shield can be quickly erected to envelope an entire home, to protect it from such natural disasters.

The kit will consist of a giant tarp (flameproof and/or impact resistant, depending on what you order) which would cover the entire house, as well as supporting posts, and also ground anchors. The tarp and its supporting posts can quickly be anchored to the ground by power drill/driver method.[see link below]

sanman, Nov 04 2020

Rapid Ground Anchoring https://www.youtube...watch?v=38ddtr68IiQ
Rapid method for securing ground anchors into the ground [sanman, Nov 04 2020]


       Made of asbestos?
RayfordSteele, Nov 04 2020

       Could build the house on the sensible side of the ocean
pocmloc, Nov 04 2020

       "Made of asbestos?"   

       No, there are other more modern materials for flame resistant tarps. I use a silica mat on my barbecue to cook on, and it withstands high temperatures while being so thin. Something like that will withstand the temperatures from a forest fire, although it would probably need to be thicker, to just to be more mechanically strong.   

       It's ridiculous how entire neighborhoods are being burnt to the ground, instead of being saved. People just rely on insurance, I guess.
sanman, Nov 04 2020

       The last forest fire here had temperatures higher than 4000 degrees.
Melted the steel garage and cars in it of someone I know.
It will need to be quite the blanket.

       Couldn't you just make your house out of tungsten or graphite?

The ideal thing would be a solar-powered engine which captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, extracts the carbon and converts it to graphite, and uses this to create graphite building bricks (melting point 3652C) for house construction. This gives you a fire-proof carbon-negative house
hippo, Nov 05 2020

       My idea for a fire resistant house is an embedded copper heatsink that goes both to a body of water and underground.
Voice, Nov 06 2020

       Modular aerogel panels maybe?   

       In Australia, people have been known to block their downpipes with tennis balls, then hose their rooves until the gutters fill up. This robs the fire of the phase-change energy necessary to evaporate a tonne or two of water before it can threaten the fabric of the house. Not all fires are defeated by this measure, but it undoubtedly shifts the odds.   

       Active defense of properties has in the past been constrained by the tendency of fires to cut power lines, so pumps stop working - but uptake of big batteries storing solar power inside the house may mitigate this problem, so the constraint then becomes the water supply itself.
pertinax, Nov 06 2020


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