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Household Censor

Sorry, the living room is rated PG
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Computers have been able to decipher words from the human voice for years. Even cell phones can determine words. I want to create a "swear alarm". A standalone, portable, battery powered swear alarm. The computerized alarm will listen to a room and identify if somebody uses a words there not supposed to. After the first bad word the alarm strobes its light. The word is repeated and the alarm puts out an ear rattling noise. The next offense of a bad word would warrant the use of the water pistols that shoot electronically around the room.

Why would you want a swear alarm? Keep your company polite around little kids. I have a 7 year old niece. I don't like it when she hears my friends swear. I always get mad and tell them not to, but they eventually do something stupid and teach her a new word.

I invision a repercussion based anit-swearing alarm. People would be made aware of the alarm, and asked not to swear. Of course the alarm is pre-programmed by you to determine what exactly can't be said. When the words are used they trigger escalating negative reactions.

evilpenguin, Jul 04 2007


       WIGTHISOTV (sp?) - But yes it was great and I want one, with the same detached arrogant voice as the film, or perhaps a stuffy english butler that tactfully reminds sir that ones minor relations are present.
marklar, Jul 04 2007

       It could also correct your grammar: "Bzzzzt!! Correction! - you should have said: '...with whom I lived', not '...who I lived with'".
hippo, Jul 04 2007

       sp: they're
theleopard, Jul 04 2007

       A *swear jar* always seems to work. One has to put money in the jar if they use offensive language, and a lot of people just can't see paying to exercise their right of Free Speech.
xandram, Jul 04 2007

       [Ian Tindale] //Like in "Demolition Man?//   

       Damn, I forgot about that movie. Basically I thought this was an orginal idea. My bad.
evilpenguin, Jul 04 2007

       //It could also correct your grammar: "Bzzzzt!! Correction! - you should have said: '...with whom I lived', not '...who I lived with'"// - Horrible, just horrible.
wagster, Jul 04 2007


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