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Nobody Home Button

Never be bothered at home again.
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There have been times that I have been forced out of embarrassment to answer the door when I would rather not, simply because it is obvious that the tv or radio is on, or some other tell-tale sign of occupancy makes it apparent that I am at home. I would like a panic button in every room that automatically shuts everything off at once when I am not in the mood for a visit. The system would include a video camera and monitors that would alert me to an approaching guest. A buzzer would go off when the perimeter of the property is breached, cueing me to check. If I don't want to see that particular person, the panic button is pushed, shutting down all evidence that I am about. This system could be tweaked to work on a delay if the visitor is someone you would actually like to insult... just as they get to the door, the shades go down and all becomes quiet.
Rm Brz, Apr 02 2006


       I could use this.
P-p-polly, Apr 02 2006


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