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IP-based WiFi home automation

The next evolution beyond line carrier and wireless controls
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Beyond X10, DMX, wireless, and hybrid systems, this system uses an IP-based WiFi system where every light control has an IP address. Simple TCP connections allow sending of messages (on, dim to 20%, etc.) and inquiry as to the status of controls.

Advantages: * bidirectional * more resistant to line noise (intercoms, etc.) than X10 * Leverages existing WiFi technology * Allows large number of individually addressed controls * works with existing wiring (unlike DMX, which requires additional data cable) * with proper proxy/firewall, allows remote control

cindik, Mar 20 2009


       This system could also be used for control of low voltage circuits, such as in RVs and solar-powered cabins.
cindik, Mar 27 2009

       I now have this system in my house
cindik, Nov 02 2018

       Is it ESP8266-based?
notexactly, Nov 08 2018


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