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New Home Video

For when you have bought a new home, and can't remember everything about it (before moving in)
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A video or CD provided by the estate agents which is filmed at the same time as valuing a new property for the market. These can be given out to potential customers, but mainly made for the benefit of the buyer. Most people only view their new home a couple of times then wait at least 12 weeks before moving in. As time elapses the property has become larger and more appealing in the imagination or certain areas are a complete blank. The CD/video would be supplied free, to at least justify a slight proportion of the Estate Agents fees.
vimto, Apr 23 2002


       Bring your own camcorder to the walk-through.
phoenix, Apr 23 2002

       My husband did want to take a camera with us, but it seemed a tad rude, I thought it may be better conducted by the Estate Agents as a standard procedure. They could also mass produce it to hand out as a promotional option.
vimto, Apr 23 2002

       This is a good idea. You can (and should) get a thorough survey done and get the surveyor to forward on all the documetation but a visual document of your new home will (a) help you familiarise yourself with it before you move in and (b) help the female in your life plan the purchase of cushions.   

       I don't think that bringing your own camcorder (assuming you have a camcorder) to the viewing would cut it - I'm not thorough enough and my hands shake 24/7. Plus, when I've gone to view properties, you are given a very short space of time in which to wander about and often the properties are still furnished with the seller's, er, furniture. They may not like the idea of you videoing in their boudoir.   

       Come to think of it, if the estate agency send you the video, I would be flabbergasted if they provided you with a warts-and-all video. Better if you get the surveyor to do it, you're paying him enough.
calum, Apr 23 2002

       What phoenix said. That's what I did. If you're thinking about purchasing the house, you have a right to film the place, to see what it looks like beyond the walk-through. It's not rude at all, and very commonly done.
waugsqueke, Apr 23 2002

       My wife is a real estate agent, so I have the inside track on this.
[calum] that argument doesn't hold water. If the seller's stuff is going to be there when you go through the house, it would certainly be there when the estate agent made the video.

       The problem with the idea is that this is a fairly expensive proposition. It can (and is) done for high-end properties ($1,000,000+), but isn't practical for the average home (which will sell, whether you buy it or not).   

       There's nothing wrong with taking video or photographs. Let the estate agent know you want to, so the sellers can ban bedrooms, or whatever. Take a nightlight (to check power outlets), run all the taps (for hot and cold), run all the showers and flush all the toilets.
phoenix, Apr 24 2002

       I dunno, phoenix. I reckon this is about perception of intrusion. If I were selling my house, I wouldn't mind an estate agent or surveyor videoing the property because that's their job. I would, however, mind total strangers - who may or may not be intending on buying the house - videoing because, as vimto says, it's a bit rude. Sometimes I think I'm _too_ British...
calum, Apr 24 2002

       calum, do you want them to buy the house or not? If they want to tape, would you prefer to forfeit the sale?
waugsqueke, Apr 24 2002

       Ah, waugs, you misunderstand the nature of the true Brit. If a prospective buyer wanted, I would graciously allow them to tape the house. When they left I would remark to my spouse on how rude and intrusive they were. My spouse would say something about them seeming perfectly nice. I would tut and refill my pipe, later questioning if such people are right for this neighbourhood.
calum, Apr 24 2002

       Ah yes. My apologies for not appreciating the subtlety.
waugsqueke, Apr 24 2002

       calum: dad? when did you learn to use a computer ???

i agree that taking a vid is fine, esply if its a 2nd viewing. but i would be a little suspicious if the filmer appeared to be focussing upon recording methods of entry, security measures & covetable objects....

it is rather curious that in the UK, u can spend more time examining a pair of jeans u are thinking of buying, than u get to look at a new home. & dont get me started on estate agents.
mymus, Apr 24 2002


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